Friday, December 30, 2011


Ok, now that the computer is kinda up and running from the issue, we can start getting down to business.  I recently changed my diet this last month and it has been the best decision I have ever made.  I eat hardly any meat and lots of vegetables.  I am constantly trying to find recipes, but I modify a lot of the recipes as well.  I have cut out soda, junk food, and refined sugars and other terrible products.  I made my own granola bars, which were a hit with the kids and if I am to buy chocolate I make sure that it is all natural products and no hydrogenated or other words that I can hardly pronounce. has so many choices in healthy items like teas that I'd love to try and Chai seeds that I have read up on and sound amazing and many many other items.
I am looking into taking a cabinetry and millwork class so that I can learn to make cabinets, tables and so forth and I also have other classes I would love to take but I have to see if they are offered anywhere.
Well, I better get breakfast made and plot my future ideas so that when my husband leaves for his job I have something to keep me busy during those 2 weeks he is gone.  Not looking forward to that day when he leaves, but I praise him for making the sacrifice!! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Teriyaki rice bowl

So I am not just going to focus on crafts... I have to splurge about this teriyaki rice bowl I made last night.  I was going to add some chicken to it and than last minute decided to buy mushrooms and did that instead.  The teriyaki sauce was homemade and than I added a little from a bottle that said sauce and marinade.  I also added a few extra things and took out the broccoli since I don't care for them.  Has to do with when I was a kid and I have a hard time eating them and I don't want to gross you all out so we will leave it at that.  Anywho, I took peanut oil and and sauteed all the veggies... I did onion, carrots, green pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, 2tbsp of ginger grated and mushrooms.  I did what my heart desired on measurement of the veggies cause the 2/3 cup didn't seem like enough to me.  My intentions were to buy the shitake but Walmart (which I hate that store, but love it) did not have them, so my result was portabella which was perfectly fine cause I love those as well.  I sauteed them as I boiled the rice and my daughter made the teriyaki sauce when I was cutting vegetables cause it was getting late and I wanted dinner done before 8 which was coming so fast.  So the sauce I will double next time cause I didn't think was enough when you pour it into the pan with the vegetables.  So after we poured it on we let that simmer for a minute or two while we dished up the rice.  I planned on using brown rice, but had a retard moment and screwed up so I wasted that small bag and than dipped into my huge bag that I got from Sam's Club (another love to hate... must do with the Walmart stores in general).  I can't tell you what kind it is cause I am not sure at this moment. It isn't white rice, I know that.  So I am guessing at this point you want the recipe for the teriyaki sauce?  All right I will give it to you.  It is 3 Tbsp of soy sauce(which ever soy sauce you love the most.. Low sodium, whichever) 1 tbsp of honey 1tbsp of brown sugar 2 tsp of cornstarch and whisk in a bowl and set aside.  Viola!!  Enjoy a healthy meal! With the chicken the recipe says 260 calories and serves 5.  If you would like the recipe you may comment and I will get it to ya.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Under construction as we get the blog set up and ready to go.  We should have the site up and running in no time.  I will be posting when we are opened and a giveaway will happen at are grand opening.  If you have questions please email at  Thank you