Friday, December 30, 2011


Ok, now that the computer is kinda up and running from the issue, we can start getting down to business.  I recently changed my diet this last month and it has been the best decision I have ever made.  I eat hardly any meat and lots of vegetables.  I am constantly trying to find recipes, but I modify a lot of the recipes as well.  I have cut out soda, junk food, and refined sugars and other terrible products.  I made my own granola bars, which were a hit with the kids and if I am to buy chocolate I make sure that it is all natural products and no hydrogenated or other words that I can hardly pronounce. has so many choices in healthy items like teas that I'd love to try and Chai seeds that I have read up on and sound amazing and many many other items.
I am looking into taking a cabinetry and millwork class so that I can learn to make cabinets, tables and so forth and I also have other classes I would love to take but I have to see if they are offered anywhere.
Well, I better get breakfast made and plot my future ideas so that when my husband leaves for his job I have something to keep me busy during those 2 weeks he is gone.  Not looking forward to that day when he leaves, but I praise him for making the sacrifice!! 

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